Tuesday, April 12, 2022

A Lil Sunshine Does the Body Good

A few years back I had gone to the doctor for my regular checkup and my tests revealed a very low vitamin D level. This was surely part of the reason I was dragging most days. Getting your daily dose of sunshine has some important health benefits. With all the cold and rainy days, we've had lately when the sun shines it's time to get outside. Getting a little sun each day is important for a healthy immune system.

 Sunlight for a few minutes each day can help boost the body's vitamin D which can help strengthen your immune system. Many people don't get enough vitamin D, especially during the winter. It can also help boost a chemical in the brain called serotonin which is helpful for energy and better mood. Melatonin boost is another benefit that we might get from the sun. It helps you sleep better with melatonin and we all can use a good night's sleep. So be sure and get your daily dose of sun and don't forget the sunscreen.